Monday, July 19, 2010

Time Management

So today is one of those days where your hair gets overlooked in the frenzy of things and the dishes begin to crawl out of the sink.

My goal for today was simple but now seemingly insurmountable; I was going to try and organize my time better. I thought if I plan out the day better things will be easier and Owen could use some structure. So right after breakfast Owen and I were going to crack open his Pre-K workbook and do some lessons. You would assume this was an easy enough task but you would be wrong( c'est pas de la tarte). At the mere mention of sitting down and writing instead of playing Lego's tears began erupting with kicking and screaming following shortly thereafter.

Now mind you this "playing with Lego's" endeavor seems to require an entire day if not longer. You must sit and pretend to care for being shot at constantly( as you are always the bad guy). The plot never changes and any hint of dislike towards it results in immediate childhood depression. Now I'm not saying our days are dramatically depressing and my son desperately needs a Lego's counselor; but he does get stuck it a rut no matter how creative he may be otherwise.

And Noah may sick. He keeps waking up from naps early and crying until I hold him. Normally he puts himself to sleep when I put him down but today he needs me to lay down and hold him. I took this photo if him finally going to sleep.

The cat was next to him but the cat is following me around needing my constant attention too. I had no idea I was so popular.

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