Sunday, March 11, 2012

Being weird and liking it

Source: via Amanda on Pinterest

Yes, Yes, Yes, and because we're awesome!

After having some frustrating weeks and not feeling inspired to write anything of importance for weeks I've decided- Who Cares I'm writing something.

I've been reading .

The other day she wrote about declaring your desires out loud. Not being afraid to say want you want. Because if we are afraid to be honest about where we want to go out to eat how can we have the boldness we need for our creativity and pushing forward towards our dreams and desires.

God's been speaking to me about being comfortable with who I am. Because I am made with a purpose. If I live in fear of potential success or failure I am stuck in one place feeling boxed in and unhappy. But I'm unhappy out of my own making because I want to move, I want to change and progress and I want to be used. I need to be comfortable enough that I get up off my chair and move when I hear him say to.

How do I do this though? How do I push past insecurities and fear of my own pride to get to my destiny?

For me, I've had to believe.

Believe how he see's me, not what someone's said about me.

Believe he cares about my heart's desires.

Believe that he's there with Grace enough for my mistakes in moving forward.

But you have to move forward. Otherwise that fear that is still there just happy to keep you paralyzed. The more you agree with him though, the less that fear has control because you know it's a lie.

Things about me:

So sometimes I put my foot in my mouth. Or a couple. Or I just share too much and it's awkward.
Honesty is important to me and reconciliation even at the expense of my pride.
I care about your story, whoever you are.
I love to sing.
Sometimes I want to hug people I don't know very well or obviously don't want a hug. lol*
I like to know the facts.
Honor and worth of others is important.
I like seeing the gifts(spiritual and natural) in others so I can encourage them.
I love seeing God's principal's and character in nature and media, helping me to connect with God's word and truth in my life.
I'm a bit of a nerd and I think that's cool.

Things about God:

He likes me that way.

What about you?