Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Taste & See Classes Rough Draft

Taste & See:
Picky Eater workshops and Cooking Adventures!

Class Objectives- To give parents and kids the tools to make good nutritious choices be excited about trying new things and to be connected with where our food comes from. Diving into a world where we use our senses to critique and make choices about new foods without living in “food fear.” All while having lots of food fun!


Picky Eaters tasting workshops( or Choose Your Own Adventure!)- Foods are put into 2 or 3 categories starting with more familiar foods moving onto the more adventurous. Kids are encouraged to use all five senses to make opinions on spices, herbs, fruits and veggies. Kids will vote on trying one or more new items in a dish we will all help prepare and will take home a few recipes to try at home. Every class will touch on the importance of a balanced diet, the adventure of trying new things to figure out our own opinions, helping out in the kitchen and how different foods help our bodies. Every class has a different ending and we all leave with the pledge to be an adventurous eater trying at least one new thing a week!

How not to raise a Picky Kid!( Parents Session)- We all know that the main problem with teaching our kids to eat right is the power of free will. Here we will learn the tools to take home to help out even the pickiest kid. As a mom( and chef) of one very self- reliant, strong willed 4 yr old boy I have been through it all and want to pass on the knowledge. We will talk about defusing dinnertime battles, teaching our kids how to make good nutritious choices by getting them involved ( encouraging their independence and creativity) and not unknowingly adding to the problem.

We will choose one cheap and fast healthy meal to try during the class.

Each class goes home with recipes to try and the knowledge to begin cooking adventures with our kids!

Food Adventure Tours- Food Field trips for kids (parents can come along too!). Taking a tip from Mister Rogers and Sesame Street kids will get to know their culinary neighbors (or the people in their neighborhood) on a fun food tour. We will learn about where our food comes from and what it takes to get it to our table touring local artisans and farms. This will help to encourage independent nutritious choice while having fun and learning something new.

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Ber~* said...

you are so creative! i love it jessica! i wish you lived closer, i'd totally take your class (even though marty is only 1) ;D