Saturday, January 7, 2012

Tomorrow is another day, fresh with no mistakes in it

Psalm 92:4
You thrill me, Lord, with all you have done for me! I sing for joy because of what you have done.

I've been in kind of a funk this week. Ups and downs, good news and bad news. Last night was pretty bad as was this morning but there's always second chances.
Last night I had it with my 5 yr son who with renewed interest and vigor was ignoring me and doing whatever he wanted. He was also throwing himself on the ground and crying over his snack choices, tv show choices, seating choices, etc.

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It was kinda like that.......over everything. So by nights end when it happened during storytime I went a little ballistic.
It looked nothing like this--->

After my explosion he went to his room and I put myself in the corner. I just sat next to my window frustrated praying and waiting for my anger to subside so I could do what I knew I needed to do which was to apologize. I didn't want to say sorry but you did......laundry list that makes it ok for me to be a jerk. I wanted to truly be sorry so my going in there would have purpose. Finally I calmed down, went in and said sorry and we had a good conversation. Then Owen, Noah and I all got in Owen's bed to read a few stories and go to sleep.
Today I had to get my attitude in check again after not communicating well with my husband. I realized a few things though. I am sick, I stopped caffeine this week, and I can't walk very well on my right foot. Things that don't help my mood although they shouldn't control it either. So today decided that I would take things into my own hands.

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Noah and I went to the Railroad Museum in town since my husband and 5yr old weren't interested. Noah and I climbed in and out of choo-choos and even paid a little extra to ride a train powered by a car engine. As I sat in the train car I began to perk up. I wasn't going past anything all that exciting but as we passed some old historic trains something nostalgic rose up in me. I remembered playing outside as kid and making things out of twigs and leaves and anything I could find. And I love history and my heart almost bursts when I see people pay homage to those that have come before us.

Anyways, I bought my husband some flowers after the train excursion and my 5yr old a Power Ranger on clearance just to say I loved them. I'm glad I have 2nd chances. I'm glad I'm not defined my shortcomings, mistakes and weeks that get stuck in funk.

This is to God, my husband and sons--->

Love, Jess

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